THE GUNSHOT – 9.21.18

Death to self. An end? A beginning? Perhaps it is both. The weight is captured in the simple line “these days my life feels a lot like suicide,” but the deaths that we die may be the very thing that trains us to think of resurrection the next time we pick up a cross. Download it HERE!

NO MATTER WHAT – 7.20.18

Nothing is more painful than vulnerability…on the flip side, nothing is more beautiful. No Matter What declares that, from singing to grieving, “my heart will be on my sleeve.” Download it HERE!


I DON’T MIND – 4.13.18

I Don’t Mind is a conversation with someone–be it a friend, a total stranger, or even yourself– in a dark place. It’s permission to be broken in the natural ebb and flow of life’s falling and rising. Download it HERE!

CROWDED ROOMS_cover art-2.png


Loneliness – we’ve all been there… It’s a feeling we expect when we’re all alone, but what’re we supposed to do with it when we’re surrounded by people? Crowded Rooms is that call to those around us to walk with us “through these fading years.” Download it HERE!

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