Lead Vocals & Guitar

Will Young is a self-proclaimed hobo, college dropout, and mop (no really, he cleans floors). There are two routes you can take in life: the one that is comfortable, makes sense, and is well-trod by the masses, OR the one that makes sense in Jesus’ book. You can guess which one he picked.

In June 2011 after his youngest brother was stillborn & again in 2017 after his firstborn son suddenly passed away at 2 days old, Will’s eyes were opened to the frailty and uncertainty of life. It has only continued to motivate him ever since. Through this music, he wants nothing more than that those who hear – including himself – will be called to a life so much more than anything we’ve ever experienced or will experience here on this planet that isn’t our home.

He has been writing music for four years and has written three albums-worth of music since he began. Lyrics and music can make sense of what words on their own cannot. It’s honest. For Will, music is a place where joys & sorrows meet head-on. It is the outpouring of brokenheartedness, anger, discontentment, and encounters with the people around him. His songs are the result.