Vocals & Piano

Congruous: in agreement or harmony…(keep this word and definition in your head, ok?)

Melanie is the youngest member of the band, but her wisdom far exceeds her years. She has a gentle opinion that – if you are wise enough to heed – is always available and ready to be given with your best interest in mind. Being transparent and so much deeper than a surface level, her character goes far beyond what she says and is easily seen in her actions. She embodies what she believes.

Like a vessel, she pours into others, but not without first allowing herself to be poured into. If you ever have the pleasure of talking with Melanie, you will find she is an encouraging and joyful spirit. But even if you never have this privilege, who she is on stage is who she is. There is only one side to Melanie: she is congruous (see? there’s that word again).

Music is the purest form of worship for Melanie. Music has been a part of her life from the start, but it wasn’t until Melanie was eight years old that music came in the form of piano lessons. The daunting thirty minutes of daily practice over time lead to a desire to share her heart, hopes, and beliefs through the songs she sings and writes today.

Her approach to every aspect of life and especially these songs is that “no matter what, my heart will be on my sleeve.”