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I thought I heard you say it.

I want to hear you say it.

Repeat after me.

“Everything’s not okay.”

It’s freeing, isn’t it?

I want to hear you cry uncle.

Tap out.

Give in.

Give up trying to hold together your unconvincing facade that everything is okay.

Or that everything will be alright.

I don’t believe you.

& it’s just irreverent, honestly.

It’s not 2020.

It’s not COVID-19.

It’s not George Floyd, police brutality or the ensuing riots.

It’s not the sex trafficking that will only continue surfacing.

It’s not the presidential election.

2020 has only shed enough light on the endless heartaches & horrors behind the splitting seams of our existence that you can finally look up & cry out with labored breath “I’m done!”

Or “God, where are you?”

Are you so naive?

Have you just now glimpsed the tragedy of reality?

But how real is this reality to you?

How real is this reality to others?

We decide every time we try to drug our pain in a not-so-cute little meme regarding the dark times as nothing more than opposing sides of mask wearing or not…

Or a little black square exploiting a people’s mistreatment to ensure our virtue is known to all far & wide…

Or calling a sex trafficking ring nothing more than a conspiracy theory…

Or placing belief that if the right people gain/maintain presidency your life will be better…

Do you feel better sleeping behind illusions?

Wake up.

“Everything’s not okay.”

Seems like a good place to start to get to a better place.

“Everything’s not okay…”

& maybe that’s okay.

Remember how people joked that this would be the year we see in 2020 vision? That we finally see things clearly?

Maybe it has been exactly that.

Maybe out of need we can finally see beyond ourselves, our little worlds & points of view.

Welcome to reality.

It’s nice to meet you.

If you’re new here, don’t worry…aren’t we all?


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