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(This is the eighth of 12 entries in a photo/story series we shared over on Facebook & Instagram. We wanted to share it here on our site for those of you who are flying under the social media radar or who are just plain itching to see it again.)

I believe healthy relationships are contingent on vulnerability.

If we aren’t wearing our hearts on our sleeve for those around us, then where are our hearts found?

In things?

In plans?

In our own selfish agendas?

Perhaps our hearts are hidden behind layers of walls because they’ve never healed from deep wounds of the past.

This is no way to live.

Melanie wrote the majority of this one. I freaking love it. It’s gotta be my favorite song on the album. Every time I listen, it reminds me of what really matters.

Melanie & I have both gone through a lot of heartache & pain in friendships where we wore our hearts out on our sleeves, so for us to be able to sing this tune with each other is so healing & inspiring.

It says that, though this hurts, let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing because we know it’s right.

True joy & beauty can only be found in that place.


📷: Joylily Photography (

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