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(This is the seventh of 12 entries in a photo/story series we shared over on Facebook & Instagram. We wanted to share it here on our site for those of you who are flying under the social media radar or who are just plain itching to see it again.)

In writing a concept album about our fallen/broken state, it’d be easy to cast blame, like so many other voices do, in regards to this condition of ours.

But I won’t.

I refuse to carry the weight of my fathers’ sins, or even of the blood on my own hands, when my Heavenly Father has already initiated His master plan in the death & resurrection of His son, covering all sin past, present & future.

All is redeemed. The work is finished.

Like I said in the story behind Not Enough, it is never a matter of earning or deserving what Love has done: it just exists, & it exists purely for us. Just like the stars, the oceans, the sunrise & the sunset, the very breaths we miraculously breathe all exist for us. They’re a gift that we daily partake in.

This one, like Mercy, Mercy, felt like a major part of it was missing. But, we were intent on this album being an opportunity to bring people together, which also meant letting go of some of our own control/vision. We asked our friend & fellow artist @laurabethwrites to add her vocals…& not only did she do that, she also added an entire spoken word piece she’d written. IT IS AMAZING. My mind is literally blown every time I listen to this song! 🤯


📷: Joylily Photography (

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