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(This is the sixth of 12 entries in a photo/story series we shared over on Facebook & Instagram. We wanted to share it here on our site for those of you who are flying under the social media radar or who are just plain itching to see it again.)

I’ve had to learn to see coming to the end of myself as coming to the beginning of myself.

As if the end is an opportunity to began again.

This was one of the last songs I wrote for the album & I really wasn’t expecting it to come my way.

A whole bunch of people had just left my house, I was completely peopled out (I’m a bit of an introvert…) I just quietly started strumming & singing over this one. Tears followed. I’m still not sure why. Images of car accidents & hit & runs flooded my mind. I honestly don’t know if it’s about me or someone else.

Occasionally, I find my soul carrying tremendous weight for no apparent reason. When those times come, I dig deeper, & always find it’s coming from a broken place inside myself. I see these moments as a gift to be led to my ever aching need.

A need for an end.

A need for a beginning.


📷: Joylily Photography (

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