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(This is the fourth of 12 entries in a photo/story series we shared over on Facebook & Instagram. We wanted to share it here on our site for those of you who are flying under the social media radar or who are just plain itching to see it again.)

Connection—it takes 2.

I often intentionally write only half of a song. Almost as if the song ends with me handing the pen to the listener to write the other half…or not.

Crowded Rooms came to life in a season of intense loneliness, isolation, alienation, etc., but to me, this song was just the means I needed to connect with those immediately around me.

It’s a funny thought, but everyone we know was a stranger at some point. They may’ve been a stranger curious about whether or not our paths would someday cross…& really, what a gift it is every time our paths do cross with another soul, familiar or unfamiliar.

I want Crowded Rooms to be a catalyst—like it has been for me—for others to desire deeper connection & to walk with one another through these fading years.

Life is meaningless without relationship.

So let’s put down the screens (or whatever vice is an illusion of true connection); let’s get honest; let’s have a heart for the bleeding, breathing people around us.


📷: Joylily Photography (

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