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Today I am 25. Though I am admittedly a work in progress, here are 25 things I’ve learned over the course of this quarter century of living…

1. Late night talks are the best. Have them as often as you possibly can.

2. . It’s better to own 1 flannel you love, than 10 you think are just “okay.”

3. You don’t have to be family to be blood.

4. Anything can be viewed as an obligation or an opportunity.

5. You don’t need a college degree.

6. “This is your best friend. If you can’t be a friend to this person, you’ll never be anyone’s friend.” -my parents to me regarding my siblings

7. I am my own worst enemy.

8. Stereotyping people isn’t cool, even if 80% of stereotypes are almost completely spot on.

9. Growth is natural. To not grow is to remain in a place/season that has since passed. In other words, seasons change…so should you.

10. Vans > Converse

11. Art is subjective. Truth is not. Be honest with your art (however awkward it may be).

12. If laughter is the best medicine, then crying is the second best. Cry it out, if need be.

13. “Every breath is a second chance.” -Switchfoot

14. Individuality is a wonderful thing when it is beneficial to community…& vice versa.

15. Coffee IS basically bean water…however, it’s the best bean water you’ll ever get caffeinated on.

16. If you love someone, set them free. The sooner you can, the better.

17. Death is as natural as life is unnatural. We shouldn’t be here. The fact that we are is purely miraculous.

18. “Never half ass 2 things. Whole ass 1 thing.” -Ron Swanson

19. 5 minutes of face to face beats out a million minutes of social media interaction.

20. People will let you down & destroy your hopes…but they’re also the place in which any of your hopes can truly become a reality.

21. To love, one must first believe they are loved. Empty wells never satisfied anyone’s thirst.

22. Nothing is by accident.

23. Redemption is the only true “Disney magic.”

24. When control is lost, or surrendered, joy has the most ability to permeate & bring pure, childlike wonder.

25. Life is now.

So there they are. Hopefully you learned something from my 25 years. In the comments, let me know something(s) living has taught you.

Peace out. ✌🏻

(P.S. I thought this picture of me in preschool would best represent me “learning.” Also, I’m a little surprised I don’t still look like this.)

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