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(This is the first of 12 entries in a photo/story series we shared over on Facebook & Instagram. We wanted to share it here on our site for those of you who are flying under the social media radar or who are just plain itching to see it again.)

To tell the story of Overtaken is to tell the beginning of my songwriting journey…it’s the first song I ever wrote. I was 19, I was working a lot with our family business & I’d just finished a theatre class (yep, theatre) at Franklin College & dipped my foot in the college life all my peers were moving into. College wasn’t right for me. It was hard not to do what everyone I knew then was doing, but it didn’t fit my direction. But just because I had a direction didn’t mean I wasn’t simultaneously feeling completely lost.

All the while during that season my love for music & the power of connection it offers was growing stronger. I wanted to be more than a listener & was feeing called to songwriting, but had literally no idea how to start. My friend Kelsie encouraged me to just start writing. Duh, right? I was really under the impression it needed to be the perfect moment with the clouds opening up & God himself handing me a pen…if only then I’d known how many times lyrics or melodies would hit me in the middle of a conversation or even the shower.

So yeah, as easy as just writing down the words on my heart sounds, it was terrifying (still is most times). Two weeks after she’d given me that encouragement I sat down to pray about this whole music thing. It seemed so crazy. So different. So unattainable. And as I prayed, I realized my words were lyrics.

Overtaken is a prayer. A prayer that almost 5 years later is every bit still applicable. I still find myself broken with a desire to be overtaken by something & someone much bigger than myself. Or to find that feeling of home that, at that point in my life—& maybe even more so now—is where I want to be found.

It’s the only place that makes any sense to me. And that’s why almost every one of our shows opens up with this tune. To set the stage & give permission to, again & again, be overtaken.

My favorite memory with this one was the first time we played it live. I cried before we played & almost didn’t do it at all (I have a strong love/hate relationship with the stage), but the whole room went COMPLETELY silent as we jammed it out.


📷: Joylily Photography (

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