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Have you ever come to the point in your life where you’re just done? You feel like you’ve reached the end of what you’ve got and that it will take a miracle to carry on?

Yes? Me too!

It’s the hardest and best place I’ve come to. This point is where I realized that I couldn’t hold myself together, nor did I need to, I was at the end of myself. And thankfully I had my loving God to turn to and a community of people to support and encourage me.

It’s inevitable that we will face all sorts of challenges in this life, self inflicted and things that just happen. I believe that we can either make things better by being honest with where we’re at, or make them harder by trying to look like everything’s ok when on the inside we’re a total wreck. We will have seasons of singing, rejoicing and laughing. We will have seasons of grieving, crying and mourning. A large part of thriving in each season is the honesty in it and having people around you to support you – to sing and grieve with you.


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