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The trust-fall of faith is the space between our own understanding & completely relying on the unknown – i.e. God.

I’m ready.

I’ve never actually been this ready.

2017 was an absolutely AMAZING year!

In 2017…between many new relationships formed & “old” relationships deepened, our family grew.

With the creation of our own studio & release of our first single “Crowded Rooms,” our band’s direction has taken shape.

The birth & short 2 day life on earth (outside the womb) of our son Oliver has taken all of our lives & faith to brand new places.

Joylily re-launched her photography & has already had several opportunities to share her gift with friends & family & more to come with the new year.

Melanie went full-time working with special needs kids/adults, and now she gets to be a consistent part of the students weekdays, which is a huge blessing to them.

& so much more…

Everything it held — the joy, the pain, the hope, the hurt, the love, etc. — has prepared us for what’s next.

My only expectation for 2018 is that it bring the challenge to a whole new level: a deeper place of learning to let go of the falsity that is my control & to simply trust.

I can’t wait.


(Photo-cred: NRS Photography)

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