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Over the past year or so this three-word phrase, “life is now,” has become my mantra, my prayer to learn to live in the moment.

A natural-born control freak, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what place I’m currently at in my life. Whether looking into the past for some comfort in things accomplished or shaking in fear while peering into the great unknown that is the future, this balancing act is sometimes more than I can handle – especially when it doesn’t feel like living.

A couple months ago I asked my bro, Brendan, to dream up his best day ever and describe it. His answer, with one or two minor details that seemed a stretch, was surprisingly simple, just like my own: a day surrounded by the people we love the most, on an adventure, all ending with one big event where said loved ones were present to support us. What really struck a chord with me was that we live “the best day ever” fairly often.

So I asked myself, when do I feel most alive? Unfortunately, it seems living comes most easily when I’ve lost control. Fortunately, control never has and never will belong to me. I’m finding the opportunities to live are constantly around me. Our dreams aren’t around the corner playing hide and seek— they are right in front of us just waiting to be lived.

I am not yesterday’s me.

I am not tomorrow’s me.

I am alive today. Reaching for the goals right in front of me. Loving those right around me. Living fully in the moment. Being a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a friend.

I’m currently sitting in the pool room at a hotel outside of Chicago with my brother Ethan and I don’t wanna miss it! So…

Peace out,


*** Just wait — this will turn into a song someday!

2 comments on “LIFE IS NOW

  1. dl4everyoung says:

    Wisdom! Thank you for sharing your heart. You and Joy are both really good bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Your support means the world ❤


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