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The lines from a recently-released Switchfoot song struck the air as we walked down the church’s center aisle. We were officially Mr. and Mrs. Will Young.

I know that we have an amazing team of friends and family surrounding us and supporting us as we take life on together, but I have to say that I was made aware of that fact on our wedding day in a whole new way. They celebrated with us and served with a joy that encouraged and got us through the bustling of activity that the day held. The depth of love that binds the members of our family in Christ is something so much greater than what can even be found in a blood-bound family.

We had a lot of people tell us that, no matter how many things could potentially go wrong, what really mattered was that at the end of the day we would be married. They were right. That said, we thankfully only had a handful of mishaps, several of which I’m sure I don’t know, and the ones I do know of were not disastrous. I felt my veil slowly start sliding down my head during the ceremony and rather than try to rescue it, I set it aside; Will is quick on his feet and just charaded a veil when it came time to kiss me. It worked wonderfully and lightened the air right before all the camera shutters went off. The knife handle broke when we cut the cake. Let’s just say that where there’s a Will, theres a way, and that is all the more true when it comes to getting a piece of cake.

Our day started and ended in worship and fellowship with some of the best friends a person could ask for.

We are blessed. And I am blessed beyond words to have Will as a lifetime teammate and adventure buddy. When all is said and done,  “if the house burns down tonight, I’ve got everything I need when I’ve got you by my side.”


[Special thanks to NRS photography for doing our pictures. As always, she did an amazing job. Check out her work here!]

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